SGI Workers To Get 13th Month Pay This March Amidst Coronavirus Threat

The producer of Ilocano wine brand Basi del Diablo will be releasing the 13th month pay of its workers in light of the novel coronavirus threat. Salucop Group, Inc. (SGI) said, through a statement released by its CEO, that this is to make sure that all its workers will be able to stay home during the month-long enhanced community quarantine. SGI’s employees are “only a handful,” making it easier for the company to release said funds earlier than usual. The money will be wired on Thursday, March 19, according to Salucop Group CEO Sigrid Salucop. Salucop says that “it is absolutely necessary to do this in these trying times,” adding that the bonus will be paid with the workers’ pay for March.

In an article published by Basi del Diablo Wines on March 18, Wednesday, Salucop said that she knows that the company “can’t set the trend”. She wishes, however, that “anyone with a business will follow suit if such a move is within their means”.

Aside from Basi del Diablo Wines, other operations of the company will also halt until the community quarantine is lifted. “All SGI workers will have the same benefits as those under Basi del Diablo,” the company adds.

Salucop notes that “the company will lose a little bit of money” during the government-imposed hiatus  but that it is important to abide by President Rodrigo Duterte’s orders. “We need to ride this out as a company and we also need to do the same thing as a nation,” Salucop says.

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