Thang Long Cement Type P Rolls Out in January


Type P Portland cement from Vietnamese cement brand Thang Long will be available in the Philippines by 2020, according to Salucop Group, Inc. CEO Sigrid Salucop. Described as one of the best cement brands in Southeast Asia, Thang Long has been making a splash in the Asian market because of its quality. Made from pure Portland cement, Thang Long’s Type P reaches its desired hardness within three days. Salucop says that other brands take 24 days to achieve the desired PSI (pounds per square inch).

“Concrete is available in varying strengths, applications, and compositions. To determine product strength, compression testing is done and this is measured by PSI. Thang Long leads in this test and based on previous testing done in Vietnam, it will surely pass quality checks with flying colours,” Salucop says.

“Currimao Port will have 250,000 bags by January and more will be available in different ports around the country. We can deliver orders to Subic, Palawan, Davao, General Santos, and Cagayan de Oro,” she adds.

Photo from Thang Long

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