Philippine Wine Brand Joins Museo Ilocos Norte Fundraiser

Philippine wine brand Basi del Diablo joined the annual Museo Ilocos Norte fundraiser on November 9th, 2019, an event hosted by the museum’s biggest benefactor, the Gameng Foundation. This is the first time that Salucop Group’s Basi del Diablo Wines joined the fundraiser, according to an article released by the brand on November the 12th.

Located in Laoag’s old Tabacalera warehouse, the museum is said to be one of the best ethnographic museums in the Philippines. Museo Ilocos Norte houses a range of traditional items and ceremonial relics from the Itneg, Ilocano, and Igorot tribes of old.

In an email sent by Salucop Group’s finance chief Sissel Salucop, the wine brand is “excited” to join the fundraiser again. Salucop hopes that this will be a yearly event for the brand as well.

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