Benito’s Product Line Launched by Accident

Salucop Group’s Benito line is out and it pushed through this year by accident, according to Wilfred Salucop. Benito’s was introduced through an article published at Wilfred’s website even if the products are not yet available in the online shop. Despite being only a few days old, the line now includes a range of items under its name.

Sissel Salucop, the firm’s finance chief said in an email that “Benito’s was inspired by Benito Salucop,” her grandfather. Benito, as Salucop described in her note, was an enterprising man. He used to have a small store in Batac, Ilocos Norte that carried numerous local and imported products.

Benito’s Jalapeño and Garlic Sauce is now available at the company’s physical store Wilfred’s. Other products such as pickled vegetables, mango jam, orange marmalade, and mango chutney under the brand are also being sold at the shop. “The store itself was inspired by Lolo Benito and his son Wilfred,” Salucop said.

“We are delighted to have a new line aside from the Wilfred’s brand and Basi del Diablo.” The finance chief mentioned that Basi del Diablo was released first because her sister Sigrid, the firm’s CEO “wanted to get the most challenging brand to come out first.”

“She always wants to the most difficult tasks to get done first so other things will be a breeze. Her methods are different from mine but it works considering how we are growing. The growth is slow but that’s how it is. It is like constructing a building, you need a good foundation to begin with,” she added.

Benito’s also has a cake in a can line. The brand currently has chocolate cake and yogurt cheesecake available.


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