Becoming Filipino Mentions Basi Puro in Video

Basi del Diablo’s native sugarcane wine was mentioned in one of Becoming Filipino’s videos thanks to the chef and General Manager of Smoke Bar and Restaurant, Chris Stolk. The video focuses on Ilocos Norte’s pristine beaches and the food cooked by Stolk. The chef mentioned the wine brand during the interview.

Apart from introducing Stolk’s Smokey Poqui dish with Stolk rendering his Smokey Poqui song, the video also shows the beauty of the St. Augustine Church in Paoay. The architectural gem is one of the most visited places in the province. It has been standing for almost 400 years. Stolk, in many of his updates on Smoke Bar and Restaurant’s Facebook page, says that Smoke is a place where customers can have “bbq with a view” thanks to its beautiful view of the church. The church looks particularly stunning at night when it is bathed in yellow light making dinnertime the best time to dine at the chef’s restaurant.

The video log was released on June 4 and currently has 58,931 views. According to the vlog’s host, it is his second time to visit the restaurant. He says that the chef serves “seriously delicious Filipino and North American food”.

“This is my second time to visit the restaurant Smoke, just outside of the famous Paoay Church.  I really enjoy coming here every time I visit Ilocos Norte now. Why? The food is great. The owner Chris makes his famous “Smokey Poqui”, laing, and smoked meats.  Oh, and the view of Unesco World Heritage Paoay Church is incredible at night!”

The team at Basi del Diablo is grateful that Basi Puro was mentioned by Smoke’s owner Chris Stolk.

Photo is a screenshot from Becoming Filipino’s video.


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