Wilfred’s website now live

Salucop Group retail brand Wilfred’s is now live but tweaks are still being done. The brick and mortar shop in Batac decided it is time for it to make online grocery shopping available to its customers. This is particularly important to customers outside of Ilocos Norte, according to the team, as many would like to buy groceries from Wilfred’s or were discouraged by the fact that the store does not have other branches.

“We have been sending out groceries bought by customers in Manila and other places in the country. Their numbers grew in 2018 and it is expected to grow some more this year,” Sigrid Salucop, Salucop Group, Inc. (SGI) CEO said on Thursday.

“We didn’t expect this development. We actually scheduled the website for 2025 but we feel that it’s time to get this done to make it easier for our customers to buy groceries and other items from our shop and our partners,” she added.

Wilfred’s got its first online customer through its Facebook page in 2016. Since then, the shop has been processing and packing groceries to be sent out to different parts of the country.

“Some of the products we carry can’t be found anywhere else that’s why many choose to shop at Wilfred’s,” Sissel Salucop, SGI’s finance chief said. The retail brand has been working hard to bring a range of products from different parts of the world while marketing SGI’s wine brand Basi del Diablo.

Wilfred’s shop www.wilfredsontaft.com also sells clothing, household wares, and other items coming from Wilfred’s partners abroad. Salucop notes that there are still a “hundreds of tasks that need to be done for the website” to ensure that it will run smoothly.

“It is a logistics challenge but this is a good problem,” the Salucop sisters’ grandmother Virginia Mangapit said. While Mrs Mangapit, 86, does not know much about websites and how they are built, she understands how convenient online shopping is. “Imagine being in Manila and getting hard-to-find groceries from a relatively unknown town like Batac,” she noted. 

Customers can now buy a range of products through wilfredsontaft.com but would have to wait for all the product categories to be populated, the team added. Sissel Salucop explained last week that it is not easy to get this done but she said that the website already put a good payments partner in place. 

“Payments processing is the most difficult part. We want to ensure that it is safe for our customers that’s why we integrated PayPal, one of the giants in the paytech industry, into the system,” Salucop commented. When asked if PayPal accepts credit cards, Salucop said it does.

Wilfredsontaft.com can also be used by shoppers located in other parts of the world but they can only buy clothing and other non-food items. Wilfred’s is in talks with its international partners to add more products to the site. According to the team, over 1,000 non-food products will be available by end of March 2019.


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