SGI partners with Italian firm for Ralf und Sigrid brand

Salucop Group, Inc.’s newest brand Ralf und Sigrid just started its trial run to get a feel of the global fashion industry. The company will do this with manufacturers from Le Marche, Italy, a place known for its shoe district where shoemaking is a tradition.

In early 2017, the company decided to do a 2019 soft launch for Ralf und Sigrid by showcasing its very first shoe design on social media. “It is not really a soft launch,” Sigrid Salucop of Salucop Group says. “I imagine a small party of sorts when you launch a product but for Ralf und Sigrid, it is low key and only involves a few friends here and there. Most of these friends are people we talked to to share the news,” she adds.

The brand wants an organic following similar to SGI’s wine brand Basi del Diablo. “Basi del Diablo is what many would call a homegrown brand. Ralf und Sigrid is basically the same despite its first pair of shoes being available for pre-order in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. The shipping is free in these areas. Unfortunately, shipping is not free for the Asian market but we will do something about that once we get to produce more shoes,” Salucop says.

The brand notes that there will be shoes made by local manufacturers in the coming months if the trial run is successful. Ralf und Sigrid’s first pair of shoes is a topsider in black, brown, and red made from genuine Italian leather and suede. A total of seven shoes will be produced for the trial run and those who are interested in these carefully handcrafted shoes can pre-order until February 14.

Salucop warns that if the brand can’t get seven pre-orders, it will be forced to shelve the design for the meantime and the money of those who pre-ordered will be returned. The brand adds that it will take 2 months for the shoes to be delivered.

Topsider 1.1.jpg

All shoes from Ralf und Sigrid are handcrafted by professionals from a place where impeccable craftsmanship is part of tradition.

While the materials that will be used are topnotch, Ralf und Sigrid notes that the brand aims for affordable luxury. According to Ralf, one of the brand’s designers, Ralf und Sigrid is inspired by the very reasons for wearing shoes – to protect the feet from the elements and to be a barrier for objects on the ground that may hurt us.

“It doesn’t hurt to be fashionable but shoes should be built to last. This is what we are aiming for. Months after the trial, should things go as planned, we will be asking customers how their shoes are doing,” Ralf says.

“Things like these take time. Since the brand is underfunded, we have decided to seek the support of friends who actually want to buy a new pair of shoes. There won’t be any hard selling here as we are taking our sweet time in developing the brand,” he explains.

The first pair of shoes from Ralf und Sigrid are available for pre-order. Please send us a message for more information. 

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  1. Deborah Stafford says:

    Will the shoe sizes be in US or European? I would like to see the styles before I pre-order. Thank you.


    1. Hi manang Debbie, I just noticed that I replied through messenger instead of this thread. haha ❤


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