Wilfred’s Partners with Crocheted by Patti

Crocheted by Patti products are now available at Wilfred’s and more items will arrive soon, according to the company’s finance chief Sissel Salucop. The brand is a new addition to the specialty shop’s line of products and its arrival is timely as Wilfred’s will be offering fresh, pesticide-free vegetables from Haight’s Farm starting Monday, October 29.

Crocheted by Patti, headed by entrepreneur and creative Patti Lasam Lomuntad, makes a gorgeous produce bag that is stretchable, sturdy, and uber trendy. “It’s the perfect timing,” says Sigrid Salucop, the group’s CEO who notes that the produce bag is able to carry over a kilogram of fresh vegetables from Wilfred’s or anywhere else.

“Produce bags from Crocheted by Patti do not take up a lot of space. You can place it in one of your bag’s pockets so you always have an extra bag with you when you suddenly want to pop by at the grocer’s after work. What is beautiful about this is it’s quite sturdy. You’d be able to use it for years to come,” she adds.

Crocheted by Patti also did what the Salucops describe as “amazing work” on the wine scarves commissioned by the company’s wine brand Basi del Diablo.

Salucop Group, Inc. has always been very keen on promoting sustainability in business and has done what it can based on its capacity.

“These are mindful creations and I like incorporating that into what we do,” Salucop says while referring to Patti’s products. “Although getting a produce bag from the brand may be considered as a small step to going green, it is vital to keep pushing for reusable grocery bags because one person or two just might make the switch,” she adds.

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