Fresh, Pesticide-Free Vegetables From MarySue Now Available at Wilfred’s

Fresh vegetables from MarySue Farm Products grown at Haight’s Farm will be available at Wilfred’s starting Monday, October the 29th. All vegetables from MarySue are pesticide-free locally-grown produce, a healthier, more environmentally-friendly option. “This goes hand-in-hand with Salucop Group’s aim to promote sustainable development,” says SGI’s Executive Vice President Virginia Mangapit.

Mrs. Mangapit notes that the company favours brands like MarySue because of SGI’s stance on taking better care of the environment. This is despite the fact that Wilfred’s also sells products with plastic packaging. “While there are things that are not entirely out of our control since we can always stop adding products that are not environmentally-friendly, we do our best to have some sort of balance to ensure that we are doing what we can to help the environment and still survive as a business. Salucop Group knows that the plastic packaging problem needs to be solved by governments around the world and that an outright ban in producing such materials will contribute a lot. What we are doing, by getting pesticide-free produce, is promoting the little steps we can take to promote responsible retail,” she adds.

The vegetables that are coming in this week include marble potatoes, lemon, lime, iceberg lettuce, and radish.  “The vegetables are transported from Baguio to Batac with great care thanks to the brand’s owners,” says SGI CEO Sigrid Salucop while referring to MarySue Farm Products. According to Mary Ann Macaraeg and Sue Anne Go, their brand MarySue wants to make “fresh veggies and fruits sustainably grown from Haight’s Farm and community partner farms in Atok, Benguet” more accessible.

“Our fresh produce come to us straight from the source and is delivered to you at peak freshness. That’s less handling by middlemen—and more money for local farmers,” the two friends said in an announcement on Sunday.

“The fact that they are pesticide-free brings added value to Wilfred’s discerning clientele but it’s more than that, it’s helping farmers in Benguet, too. ” Salucop says.

To get regular updates from Wilfred’s, please visit its Facebook page.

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