Menjadi Kuat, Indonesia

As the Indonesian government continues its rescue operations, we are hoping that not one soul is added to the lives that were already lost. We also hope that help will keep pouring in as we know that the road to recovery will be long and arduous.

You are wonderful people and our thoughts are with you in these trying times. We sincerely apologise that we are but a small company and have no capability to go there to bring aid and to be with you. Our company’s donation to relief efforts does not amount to much and all we could offer is our sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones and friends.

You have been such good neighbours to us and have always been there for the Philippines in its time of need. We are more than blessed that we have you as our friends. You have raised funds to rebuild Marawi, one of our southern cities, you donated millions of pesos and tonnes of relief goods when typhoon Bopha came to our shores, you gave us blankets when many of us were displaced.

When Haiyan left us reeling from catastrophic damage, you came to our aid once again. You deployed aircrafts from the Indonesian Air Force to bring us supplies. You loaded a cargo ship with generators, food, and medicine and even sent medical professionals to help us. Your kindness knows no bounds.

Please remember that the kindest of people are often the strongest, too. You are strong and we know that you will stand back up again like you always have.

How to Donate

To send help to the survivors of the tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia, please refer to the list of non-profit organisations below.

Lutheran World Relief

World Vision

Disasters Emergency Committee

Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia

Red Cross

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