SGI CEO: Sacrifices of Teachers Can Never Be Compensated

Basi del Diablo Wines and its manufacturer Salucop Group, Inc. recognise the contribution of teachers to society as a whole. “Their sacrifices can never be compensated,” Sigrid Salucop says. “Teachers in the Philippines, especially those who teach in the public school system, often have to buy their own teaching materials just to ensure that their students learn. This is the kind of dedication that can never be repaid,” she adds.

For school year 2018-2019 alone, over 75,000 teachers were needed by the Philippine public school system. The numbers were released by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) in April and will likely increase in the coming years. Based on statistics from 2011, the public school system had 615,307 teachers against an enrollment volume of 21 million.

“A teacher in the Philippines usually handles an estimated 35 students each for the whole school year. I remember belonging to a class comprising of 45 students! Teaching is a huge sacrifice. It takes a big heart for one to teach,” Sigrid Salucop says.  “This becomes more difficult when you take into account the current circumstances of public schools in the country. And can you imagine having to cross a river just to teach or spending most of your salary to buy pencils and notebooks for your students? The patience, love, and dedication poured into this profession often go unnoticed but we are quite happy that many professionals thanked their teachers on social media or in person on National Teacher’s Day. This is truly well-deserved,” she adds.

Salucop Group’s founder and most of its executives and consultants are products of the public school system. Virginia L. Mangapit, one of its directors, used to teach in one of Batac’s elementary schools. Mangapit said that she would walk from her home going to the farmlands to get to class. She describes the experience as “thoroughly satisfying.” She is now 86 years old and has retired many years ago but many of her former students still call her “ma’am”. Her husband was also a schoolteacher and remained one until his death in 1971.

“Our wine Virginia Blush was named after mama,” says Sissel Salucop, the company’s finance chief. “We decided to slash 15% off for every Virginia Blush wine bought at our store both online and offline to celebrate teachers like her,” she adds.

To show its gratitude to all teachers, Basi del Diablo Wines is slashing 10% off for every wine bottle bought by educators. Purchasing a bottle of Virginia Blush translates to a 15% discount. Said discounts are applicable to all teachers of all levels including those who are already retired.  Instead of offering the discount for a day, the company decided to offer it for one whole week.

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