Why We Are Different

In 1983, a cartoon from the New Yorker depicted a few women enjoying tea. They were in a beautiful living area and all seemed to be quite well-off. To me, this seemed perfectly normal.

“I don’t know I don’t care about the bottom of the ocean, but I don’t.”

This is the statement from that cartoon that got my attention. What was odd was, it was released the very year when the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) started getting some attention.

The cartoon was published two years before I was born but by the time I saw it, decades after the newspaper released said depiction, it made me wonder whether it was a commentary. Did people really not care about the ocean in the ’80s? While this sounds like the musings of someone who doesn’t have much to do, you must understand that nothing irks me more than utter disregard for the environment. It does not only hurt people and animals living in this very space at this very time but can be considered as an attack against the future.

The lot of us celebrate World Oceans Day every June the 8th, millions turn off their lights during Earth Hour, and we do a number of things to raise awareness about certain things. We do these things every year or every two years and for a brief moment, we are suddenly in solidarity with this planet but come the next day, many will go about their lives not thinking about any of these things ever again. I do not hate anyone who does this really because hate is such a strong emotion to associate with others but that cartoon, followed by observations I have made over the years changed something in me. I woke up one day realising that there are only a few fights I can handle and fewer ones worth my time. As you may have guessed, one of those fights I have dedicated myself to is to promote sustainability and in my own little way, help protect the environment.

This is not purely altruistic, of course, because the things I do are connected with Salucop Group and the company is meant to make money. However, the goal of getting higher revenues does not entail raping the planet.

My mother once said that people can do great things but many choose to pick the lowest hanging fruit just to be comfortable. Now doing that is not such a bad idea but if the lowest hanging fruit has the power to destroy then it’s a good idea to aim for something else, something that can help heal or something that is good.  This kind of thinking is what makes this company different. We will not cut down trees to make room for our solar farms. We will not go around using chemicals on the wine we produce. There are a number of things that we never do because it does not benefit the place where our resources come from. We care about sustainability, we care about efficient yet environmentally-friendly processes whether we’re producing wine or vinegar or when putting together plans for our renewable energy projects.

Written by Sigrid Salucop

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